Ep. 44 – A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOW Spotlight & Panel

August 17, 2023

Hear all about the editing of HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show from Emmy-nominated editors Stephanie Filo, ACE, Taylor Joy Mason, ACE, and Malinda Zehner Guerra, who take us through their journey of maintaining the show’s authenticity and cultural resonance. They reveal the artistry behind preserving the distinct voice of A Black Lady Sketch Show through skillful editing techniques.

Stephanie, Taylor, and Malinda share their insights into shaping comedic timing, pacing, and delivery, offering valuable lessons for aspiring editors and comedy enthusiasts alike.

The episode also explores the dynamic collaboration between the editors and the visionary show creator, Robin Thede. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the harmonious relationship that fuels the show’s success.

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