Ep. 45 – WELCOME TO WREXHAM Spotlight & Panel

August 18, 2023

Venture into the world of documentary editing with the Emmy-nominated editors of Welcome to Wrexham.
Discover how fan culture inspired their work, their strategies for balancing emotion and energy, and the impact of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s involvement on the series.

Explore the editors’ favorite sequences and their role in the overarching story, as well as how editing amplifies the voices of community and team members. Gain insights into personal connections to football (or soccer), and learn when an editor’s work is truly complete.

Uncover the collaborative dynamics that brought Welcome to Wrexham to life, offering a unique peek behind the curtain of documentary production. Whether you’re an aspiring editor, a documentary enthusiast, or simply curious about storytelling intricacies, this episode provides a concise yet enlightening glimpse into the art of documentary editing.

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