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Hi! I’m joaquin elizondo…

I help you unlock your potential and create a rewarding career within the world of editing and post-production

So you can find happiness and fulfillment working on projects you’re truly passionate about and securing a steady income.

Your Success Begins Here

In the dynamic world of post-production, navigating the path to success can be a challenging endeavor. At the Hollywood Editing Mentor Program, I offer more than just guidance.

I offer you over 20 years of professional editing experience, along with the tools, knowledge, and personalized support needed to excel in this career.

Whether you’re an aspiring editor or a seasoned professional, my program is designed to propel you towards your goals. Your journey to success begins here, with a community that’s dedicated to your growth and achievement. Join me, and let’s turn your aspirations into accomplishments.

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Whether you’re interested in film, scripted television, documentaries, trailers, reality, promos, animation, or any other types of projects –

I’m here to help you unlock your potential and guide you toward your goals!

The Power of Community

Being part of a community is your secret weapon for thriving in the post-production industry. It’s a space where ideas flourish, connections deepen, and support is always at hand.

In an industry filled with opportunities and challenges, having a network of peers who understand your aspirations is essential.

A community offers a platform for learning, collaboration, and growth, where you can gain fresh perspectives and access valuable resources. It’s not just about networking; it’s about finding inspiration, mentorship, and encouragement when you need it most.¬†

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Joaquin Elizondo

Hey there! I’m Joaquin Elizondo.

I’ve been a professional video editor for over 20 years and currently work in the world of film & scripted television shows in Hollywood. Some of my recent credits include Griselda (Netflix), Dark Winds (AMC), Narcos: Mexico (Netflix), and The Hot Zone: Anthrax (NatGeo).

Prior to arriving in Los Angeles, I was working in New York City and San Diego on everything from documentaries to talk shows to branded content.

I’ve been able to find steady work and build a successful editing career for over two decades by implementing the concepts I teach through the Hollywood Editing Mentor program.

As someone who has sought out and benefited from mentoring, I’m now helping aspiring editors and post-production professionals in navigating the path to achieving their career goals in whatever types of creative projects they want to work on.

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