Break Into Scripted is the ultimate guide to empower and accelerate your journey to launching a career in Film & Scripted TV

Eliminate stress, save time, and gain straightforward, no-nonsense advice from a working Hollywood editor who’s actually experienced the path you’re about to take!

Your roadmap to Film & Scripted TV is now included in your membership

Goal Setting

Learn how to create a roadmap for your dreams and set yourself up for success from the very beginning by setting goals, knowing how to overcome challenges, and understanding the inner workings of the post-production department.

Cold Outreach Messages

Master the art of communication as you discover the secrets to crafting compelling outreach messages that captivate industry professionals. Learn to forge genuine connections and open doors to valuable opportunities.

Resume Writing

Your resume is your professional passport into the industry. Uncover the strategies to create a standout resume that showcases your unique skills and experiences, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers.


Networking is the heartbeat of the industry. Gain the confidence to navigate events, engage with industry experts, and foster meaningful relationships that can propel your career forward.

Assistant Editor Skills

Step into the world of post-production as we explore the must-have skills of an assistant editor. From technical knowledge to teamwork, you’ll be prepared to work on any scripted project.

Industry Insights

Dive deep into industry intricacies and arm yourself with strategic wisdom from seasoned professionals to excel in this competitive landscape.

The fast-track route to your dream career!

Say goodbye to the overwhelming search for scattered information online and the headaches of not knowing where to start. This course is your one-stop destination, packed with all the essential knowledge, practical skills, and industry insights you need to kickstart your journey.

Plus, with the support of a community and access to live group coaching calls led by film & scripted TV editor editor Joaquin Elizondo (Griselda, Dark Winds, Narcos: Mexico, The Hot Zone: Anthrax), you’ll have personalized guidance and the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

It’s time to accelerate your path to success and confidently step into the world of film & scripted TV!

“Joaquin’s mentorship offered me so many incredibly effective techniques that I was able to immediately run with. His program provides specific concepts and directions on how to break into scripted that I could understand. I booked my first scripted gig in just over a month after completing his mentorship program!”

Jose Tafalla

Assitant Editor

This is what they don’t teach you in film school!

Break Into Scripted is divided up into 6 modules featuring over 50 video lessons

Module 1:Starting Your Journey to Scripted

Module 1 will not only provide you with a solid grasp of the industry landscape, but also the tools and knowledge to proactively shape your career and take those essential first steps toward achieving your scripted dreams.

Module 2:Writing Effective Cold Outreach Messages

By the end of Module 2, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to craft outreach messages that stand out, enabling you to make the right connections and unlock exciting opportunities within the scripted entertainment industry.

Module 3:Selling Yourself With Your Resume

Module 3 gives you the skills and insights to craft a resume that truly sells yourself in the world of scripted entertainment. Your resume will become a powerful tool for opening doors and securing exciting opportunities in your career journey.

Module 4:Mastering Your Networking Game

Effective networking is a game-changer. We’ll dive deep into essential networking strategies and techniques to help you build a robust professional network within the scripted world in Module 4. Additionally, this module helps individuals overcome shyness, ensuring that everyone can confidently build their professional network.

Module 5:The Fundamental Skills of an Assistant Editor

You’ll be fully prepared to work on any film & scripted TV project by the end of Module 5 by gaining an in-depth understanding of the core skills of an assistant editor, from technical knowledge to teamwork and communication.

Bonus Module: Industry Insights

In this Bonus module, get valuable industry insights, insider tips, and real-world knowledge from editors and assistants working on high-profile projects that’ll prepare you for the nuances and challenges of the film & scripted TV industry.

Course Curricuculum

Welcome to Break Into Scripted

▶️ Course Overview

▶️ Joaquin’s Journey to Scripted

Module 1: Starting Your Journey to Scripted

▶️ The Goal-Setting Process

▶️ Navigating Your Path to Scripted

▶️ Overcoming Challenges and Distractions

▶️ The Inner Workings of the Post-Production Department

▶️ BONUS: How To Join The Union (Motion Picture Editors Guild)

Module 2: Writing Effective Cold Outreach Messages

▶️ The Cold Outreach Strategy

▶️ Researching Prospects and Contact Info

▶️ Writing Your Message

▶️ The “Don’ts” of Cold Outreach

▶️ You’re Not Bothering Anyone

▶️ Analyzing Examples

Module 3: Selling Yourself With Your Resume

▶️ Thinking Outside the Box

▶️ Making Your Resume Stand Out

▶️ BONUS: Tailoring Your Resume to Showcase Your Specialization

Module 4: Mastering Your Networking Game

▶️ The Power of Networking

▶️ Key Strategies for Successful Networking

▶️ Overcoming Shyness for Success

Module 5: The Fundamental Skills of an Assistant Editor

▶️ Building Confidence as an Assistant Editor

▶️ The Relationship With Your Editor

▶️ Getting Started on a Show

▶️ Project Setup and Organization – Part 1

▶️ Project Setup and Organization – Part 2

▶️ Project Setup and Organization – Part 3

▶️ Demystifying Documents

▶️ Navigating The Workplace

▶️ Keeping Track of Music and Visual Effects

▶️ The Mystery of Turnovers

📄 PDF: Glossary of Film & Scripted TV Terms

Bonus Module: Industry Insights

▶️ Handling the Expectations of Editorial

▶️ Weekly Rates, Working Weekends, and Asking for Overtime

▶️ “In a work-from-home environment, will I be expected to go into an office or post facility?”

▶️ “How many weeks on average would an editor and assistant be working a project?”

▶️ “How many projects does an editor or assistant take on per year?”

▶️ “Do editors always work with the same assistant?”

▶️ The Benefits of the Motion Picture Editors Guild (“the Union”) and When It’s Worth Joining

▶️ “At what point is it a good idea to find an agent?”

▶️ Union insights

▶️ Tips for getting bumped up to editor

▶️ “Do you need to be in LA or NYC to get that initial opportunity?”

▶️ Making contacts in a new city

▶️ An assistant editor’s busiest time on a TV show

▶️ Tips for ‘getting your foot in the door

▶️ Transitioning to scripted

▶️ Key technical skills for someone starting out in scripted

“The Break Into Scripted course is a fantastic resource for anyone aspiring to work in scripted editing and seeking to understand the nuances of this profession. Before taking this course, I had no clear framework for breaking into the industry, and now I can confidently say I have the necessary tools to succeed. This course is filled with invaluable information and actionable steps. Break Into Scripted is second to none.”

Roderick Sandoval

Aspiring Assistant Editor

You'll also have the support of a community with these added benefits:

Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls

Access personalized guidance, industry insights, and peer connections through monthly live group coaching sessions on Zoom as part of membership. With the opportunity to ask questions and engage with your cohorts, you’ll accelerate your journey in post-production. Plus, sessions are recorded for playback, ensuring you never miss a moment of valuable learning.

Upgraded Online Community Platform

This is your hub for networking, learning, and professional growth. Our platform combines the best of Facebook, Staff Me Up, and Masterclass, tailored for editing professionals like you. From tech support to exclusive job postings, it’s your go-to for all things editing. 

Private Slack Group

Enjoy access to the Hollywood Editing Mentor private Slack group where you can connect with fellow peers, get feedback, seek valuable career advice, and gain access to exclusive job opportunities. Enhance your experience alongside a network that truly comprehends and supports your ambitions.

HEM Video Library

Immerse yourself in the ever-expanding HEM Video Library featuring a treasure trove of educational content, brimming with tips, tricks, and expert insights to enhance your hard and soft skills. Dive into categorized topics such as agents, freelancing, money & finance, networking, resumes, editing breakdowns, and much more!

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“I didn’t know how much I needed this course. Though I was hesitant to join because of finances, I’m so happy I did because I can honestly say it was worth every penny. Joaquin is genuine, but realistic in his mentoring approach and offers invaluable advice. It was also nice to have a community of people to talk to who were also looking to break into scripted, because for so long I felt lost and alone in my search for the right path. But now that I’ve joined the Union as an assistant editor, I tell everyone I meet who’s trying to break in about this course because I’ve had nothing but positive outcomes since I completed it.”

Amanda K. Romero

Assistant Editor

“I found this course within the last few days of registration, so it was a quick decision. It turned out to be an amazing decision because I enjoyed this course so much! Joaquin was insightful on the material he was discussing with us and very open to any type of question we had. It was a very easy-going environment with positive and inspired people. Thank you again for this course and community!!”

Deanna Jackson

Production Assistant

“I feel like my whole adult life I’ve seen advice on how to format a resume or how to write a cold email, and I’ve thought this doesn’t apply to the film industry! In this course, Joaquin breaks it down specifically for people like you and me looking for assistant editing work: resumes, how to network, how to write cold emails, how to have more confidence, and more.

But the best part is the build-in networking. You know in this business, it’s who you know not what you know.

I just wrapped this course, but I feel nothing has pushed my career forward more than this class with the possible exception of earning a degree. And this is much cheaper and I finished in a shorter period of time.

I can’t recommend it enough!”

J. Lee Glassburn

Aspiring Assistant Editor

“I can’t recommend Break Into Scripted enough. Joaquin’s advice has been vital for me to decide to step down to Assistant Editor and land my first gig on a scripted TV show. Even though I was miles away in the U.K. I enjoyed every minute of it. It shows that you’ll be able to extract value from this course even though you might not live in LA.”

Janka Troeber

Assistant Editor

“The lessons in this course are intuitive and very intentionally to the point. The modules helped me explore and discover who I wish to be in the TV and Film industry. I can’t wait to put all the things I learned to practice. Joaquin is the best!”

Laniqua Richardson

Aspiring Editor

“For anyone who is looking to advance or jump start their career in scripted TV or film. I recommend the Hollywood Editing Mentor program. I’ve been working as an editor in unscripted for many years and have always wanted to work in scripted. I just didn’t know where to start. Joaquin has fast-tracked my approach in achieving my dream job.”

Jorge Lopez

Assistant Editor

“I felt like I was a bit aimless in my journey to break into scripted as an assistant editor, but I surely don’t feel that way now after taking your course and adhering to your advice.

Since taking the Break Into Scripted course, I have surrounded myself with knowledgeable and talented assistant editors who really look out for one another. I have also gotten the opportunity to work on my first feature film as an assistant editor.”

Alexander Gonzalez

Assistant Editor

Our members have worked for such companies as:

Joaquin Elizondo in the streets of Los Angeles

This is what I wish I had when I started my editing career

Hi there! My name is Joaquin Elizondo and I’m a film & TV editor and the creator of the Hollywood Editing Mentor program. I have over 20 years of experience as a professional editor and currently work in the world of scripted television shows. My most recent editing credits include Griselda (Netflix), Dark Winds (AMC), Narcos: Mexico (Netflix), and The Hot Zone: Anthrax (NatGeo).

After editing a wide-range of projects that left me creatively unfulfilled for years, I finally made my way to working my dream job of cutting films and scripted television shows in Hollywood by becoming an assistant editor and getting promoted to full-time editor in two years. But to get here wasn’t easy. I made tons of mistakes, faced a lot rejection, and doubted myself.

As someone who has sought out and benefited from mentoring, I’ve taken on the role of mentor to help aspiring editors and assistants in navigating the path to achieving their career goals. I know what it feels like to be out there feeling lost, wasting time scouring the internet for information. I created the Break Into Scripted course to show you how to avoid making mistakes, provide practical information, and help you reach your goals faster. It’s what I wish I had when I started my editing career. Let’s go on this journey together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Break Into Scripted?

Break Into Scripted is a self-paced online digital course that will help launch your career in the post-production department of films & scripted television shows. Taught by Joaquin Elizondo, learn the fundamental soft and hard skills needed to land a job in film & scripted tv post-production from the creator of the Hollywood Editing Mentor program and editor of scripted TV show such as GRISELDA, NARCOS: MEXICO, DARK WINDS, and THE HOT ZONE: ANTHRAX.

Joaquin went on the actual journey of transitioning from working in unscripted content as an editor to being an assistant editor on films & scripted television shows in Hollywood. After 2 years of assisting, he was promoted to full-time editor.

Who is Break Into Scripted for?

Break Into Scripted is designed for anyone who is passionate about pursuing a career in the post-production department of films & scripted television shows. Whether you’re a high school student exploring your future, a recent college graduate eager to enter the industry, or an individual looking to make a career transition, this course is tailored to guide you toward success.

If you have a genuine interest in film & scripted television and are determined to make your mark in the post-production world, Break Into Scripted is for you. Our curriculum is built to accommodate learners with varying levels of experience, from beginners to those who may already have a basic understanding of the field.

What if I'm not interested in being a Post-Production Assistant or Assistant Editor?

While starting out or transitioning to scripted as a post-production assistant or assistant editor is recommended, it’s not mandatory. The course equips you with the essential tools to kickstart your career in film and scripted television, even if you aim to enter the industry directly as an editor.

However, we strongly advise learning the fundamental skills of an assistant editor to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the editorial department operates in films and scripted television shows. This knowledge will enhance your capabilities and make you a more effective editor in the long run.

Is Break Into Scripted only for people that want to work in film & scripted tv in Hollywood?

Not at all! Break Into Scripted is designed for individuals aspiring to work in the post production department of films and scripted television shows anywhere in the world, not limited to Hollywood. While Hollywood is undoubtedly a significant hub for the industry, the skills and strategies you’ll gain from this course are applicable globally.

How long does Break Into Scripted take to complete?

The course is self-paced so you can take the time you need to complete the course. My recommendation is completing one module per week. That’s a healthy pace to really digest the videos and do the exercises.
But you get lifetime access to the course so you can go faster or take your time with it, whatever works best for you.

I'm eager to immerse myself, but I fear becoming overwhelmed and losing my focus in the process.

Let’s dive into the concept of feeling “overwhelmed” for a moment.

The sensation of overwhelm often arises when you lack a clear, actionable, and established path to follow. I conceived Break Into Scripted to counteract overwhelm in this regard.

This isn’t about trying to tackle “all the things, all at once.”

Instead, it involves embracing meticulously crafted, step-by-step lessons for implementation.

As long as you commit to following these strategies in their designated sequence and resist the urge to jump ahead (admittedly challenging!), I assure you of staying on course and achieving your goals.

Will your course cover animation? I would love to break into scripted animation.

While Break Into Scripted is primarily focused on the post-production department of films and scripted television, the concepts and skills you’ll learn in this course have a wide-reaching applicability, including the world of scripted animation.

Will Break Into Scripted teach me how to edit?

Break Into Scripted is focused on providing you with the essential skills and strategies to start a career in the post-production department of films & scripted television. Although this course provides insights into storytelling and the editing process, it doesn’t specifically teach the technical aspects of editing. Instead, it equips you with insider strategies, networking guidance, and fundamental assistant editor skills crucial for entering and navigating the industry. It’s stuff that’s not taught in any classroom!

Do I need to know Avid Media Composer?

While having a basic understanding of Avid Media Composer can be beneficial, it is not a requirement to get started with the Break Into Scripted course. We’ll guide you through essential skills and concepts, ensuring you have a solid foundation to eventually master Avid Media Composer.

When do the live group coaching calls take place? How long are the calls?

The coaching calls are held on Zoom and generally take place on weekdays between the hours of 8am – 7pm Pacific. In some cases they will be held on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

These calls typically last between 1 – 2 hours.

What if I can't attend a live group coaching call?

No worries! You can submit a question to be answered on the live broadcast, which will be recorded and available for you to watch the following day. You’ll also have access to all the coaching calls I’ve ever done with the community.

Are the group coaching calls mandatory?

No, the coaching calls within the HEM Community are not mandatory. They are designed to provide additional support, guidance, and insights for those seeking more in-depth learning and interaction. While highly beneficial, attendance is optional, allowing you the flexibility to engage as per your schedule and preferences.

What's included in the HEM Video Library?

The HEM Video Library is a vast collection of educational resources, including mini-courses, tutorials, archived coaching calls, and expert interviews. This comprehensive library covers a wide range of topics crucial for advancing your editing and post-production skills. Additionally, the videos are categorized by themes like freelance editing, networking, film and scripted television, Union, resumes, agents, technology, health and wellness, and much more, allowing easy navigation and access to specific content.

Is there a refund or cancellation policy?

I’ve packed a lot into the HEM Community and Break Into Scripted because I want to help you to create the career and lifestyle you deserve.

If you try it out and decide it’s not the right fit for you, I’ll refund your money within the first 7 days of enrollment. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Ready to embark on your journey towards your dream career?

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