Ep. 43 – Meet The Mentee: Will Truesdell

August 15, 2023

Get ready for an enlightening episode as we start a new series called Meet The Mentee. This is where I interview a former mentee of the Hollywood Editing Mentor Program to share their stories and experiences of how they’ve been able to accomplish their goals in the post-production industry.

In episode 43, I talk with Will Truesdell who was part of my first Break Into Scripted course. Will shares his remarkable journey from being a mentee to feature film assistant editor and  working with two-time Academy Award-winning editor Kirk Baxter, ACE in New York City.

Tune in to discover Will’s invaluable lessons in networking, self-promotion, and resume building, all of which contributed to his successful career transition.

If you’re looking to follow in Will’s footsteps and work in film & scripted television, be sure to check out my Break Into Scripted course! 

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