Ep. 42 – The Editing of EXTRACTION 2 with Alex Rodríguez

July 17, 2023

Academy Award-nominated editor Alex Rodríguez (Mosul, Children of Men) talks about his experience cutting adrenaline-pumping action sequences – including an amazing 21-minute “oner” – in the film, Extraction 2!

Alex reveals his unique process and techniques for crafting breathtaking action scenes that have left audiences on the edge of their seats. From the challenges he faced to the creative decisions that shaped the final product, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge from a true master of the craft.

Although initially aspiring to become a radio host, Alex found himself in a role of audiovisual television production in Mexico City shortly after leaving college. He navigated a web of connections, roles, and opportunities, ultimately finding himself in the role of editor for the critically-acclaimed film, Y Tu Mamá También. This pivotal project not only showcased Alex’s skills, but also marked the start of a creative partnership with director Alfonso Cuarón.

Alex discusses navigating an ever-changing and unpredictable industry, his own creative ideas, making the move from Mexico City to Hollywood, and his editing process for various films.

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