Ep. 50 – The Fearless Editing of PAINKILLER with Garret Donnelly and Geofrey Hildrew, ACE

October 23, 2023

In this special episode we have two incredible guests, Garret Donnelly and Geofrey Hildrew, ACE, who talk about their experience working on the Netflix limited series, Painkiller. They share the secrets behind bringing this gripping series to life and their close collaboration with director Peter Berg to establish its unique tone and style.

But that’s not all. In this episode, you’ll also discover:

  • How Peter Berg encouraged Garret and Geof to “be fearless” with their editing.
  • Garret and Geof’s unique approach to sifting through large amounts of footage, infused with improvisation.
  • The creative process behind their idea to use stock footage and intercutting to enhance the story.
  • Insights into working from home as editors and tips for assistant editors on how to keep learning and build vital relationships with their mentors, even when they’re miles apart.
  • Practical advice to start a career in the film & television industry.

Why Being Fearless Matters:

In the world of editing and storytelling, being fearless and taking creative risks can lead to groundbreaking work. It’s about pushing boundaries, experimenting, and striving for innovation. In this episode, you’ll see how Garret and Geof’s fearlessness allowed them to elevate Painkiller to new heights, and you’ll be inspired to infuse your own editing with a fearless spirit.

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