Ep. 48 – Post-Production Creative Leaders Panel Discussion

August 21, 2023

Join me for an illuminating episode featuring a panel of post-production experts. In this discussion, explore the art of balancing technical precision and creative flair across various projects.

Meet the Panelists:

  • Eric Marks: Supervising Sound Editor at Transported Audio
  • John Rafanelli: Editor, Survival of the Thickest
  • Alex Ivany: Editor, Ifine: Beauty
  • Fady Jeanbart: Editor, Til Death Do Us Part
  • Kara Talve and Anže Rozman: Emmy-Nominated Composing Duo, Prehistoric Planet

Highlights from the discussion:

• Uncover the unique roles of the panelists and their knack for striking the perfect balance between technical finesse and artistic ingenuity.

• Dive into the world of sound design and learn techniques that elevate on-screen visuals through immersive audio elements.

• Gain insights into effective time management strategies for handling multiple projects simultaneously.

• Discover the secrets behind crafting a compelling narrative, whether in comedic or emotional contexts.

• Explore the delicate art of maintaining authenticity while weaving a captivating narrative.

• The philosophy for editing intense moments and how to build tension and impact.

• The creative process in immersing viewers in unique worlds through musical compositions

• Advice for anyone looking to start a career in post-production.

Thank you to  Impact24 PR for putting this panel together!

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