Ep. 36 – The Editing of THE LAST OF US with Timothy Good, ACE

February 14, 2023

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Timothy Good, ACE is an editor know for THE LAST OF US, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, FRINGE, and GOSSIP GIRL.

Key takeaways from Episode 36 of the Hollywood Editing Mentor Podcast :

  • Timothy’s journey to editing high-profile television shows
  • How Timothy got the job on THE LAST OF US
  • Being open and ready for new career opportunities
  • What makes a good mentor
  • Being vulnerable as an editor
  • The importance of creative feedback
  • Did Timothy play the game before working on HBO’s THE LAST OF US?
  • Timothy’s experience editing episode 3 of THE LAST OF US
  • Editing suspense vs drama
  • The story behind the cold open of episode 1 of THE LAST OF US
  • Using temp sound effects and music, and creating the sound of Clickers
  • Staying true to the game
  • How suspense and tension were created in HBO’s THE LAST OF US
  • Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s performances in THE LAST OF US
  • The future of gaming and entertainment
  • Timothy’s advice for aspiring film & television editors

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