Ep. 37 – The Editing of EUPHORIA with Aaron Butler, ACE

February 27, 2023


Emmy-winning editor Aaron Butler, ACE talks about transitioning from documentaries to film & scripted television editing, finding emotion in performances, how to become a better storyteller, and shares his experience editing the hit HBO series, Euphoria.

Other key takeaways from this episode include:

  • How Aaron decided to leave behind a law career to become a filmmaker
  • The importance of connecting with other creatives
  • The emotional and logical side of storytelling
  • How editors can benefit from therapy
  • The importance of having a supportive partner
  • How working with Kanye West led to getting the job on Euphoria
  • How the editors of Euphoria pick music for scenes
  • Aaron’s personal connection to episode 205 from Euphoria
  • Why having lunch with co-workers is important for creativity
  • Aaron’s approach to pacing a scene
  • Practical advice from Aaron on how to start a filmmaking career

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