Ep. 32 – The Magic of Editing Animation with Felipe Salazar

June 21, 2022

Learn all about the wonderful world of animation editing from Felipe Salazar (Big Mouth, Human Resources) and how you can land a job on an animated series.

Felipe and I also discuss the following:

  • Felipe‚Äôs break into animation editing
  • How dialogue editing sparked his interest in animation
  • Animation editing being a highly technical job
  • The career path of an animation editor
  • The similarities and differences between live action and animation editing
  • The importance of asking for things
  •  A look at the editing of Big Mouth and Human Resources
  • Using Adobe Premiere to edit a hit Netflix animated series
  • The importance of learning sound design
  • How Felipe broadens his horizons as an editor
  • How practicing magic is related to editing

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