“Joaquin’s mentorship offered me so many incredibly effective techniques that I was able to immediately run with. His program provides specific concepts and directions on how to break into scripted that I could understand. I booked my first Scripted gig just over a month after completing his mentorship program!

Jose Tafalla

Scripted TV Assistant Editor

The ultimate guide to breaking into Film & Scripted TV returns August 22!

My private one-on-one and group sessions have opened doors for people in film & scripted television editorial and now I’m taking that curriculum and turning it into an online digital course that you can do at your own pace.

Wether you are a high school student, college grad, or are trying to make a career transition, this course will be the ultimate guide to starting a career in the post production department of films and scripted television shows.

No more wasting time scouring the internet for information and resources, everything you need to know will be in this digital course.

From networking strategies to writing cold emails to constructing the most effective resume to learning the fundamental skills of a film & scripted tv assistant editor – and much more – you’ll have the entire playbook on how to work in this industry in a single course and access to a community of like-minded people and live coaching and networking calls to support you on your journey! 

“This class laid out how to be successful in this industry and provided the tools to learn both practical and technical skills. They don’t teach you this stuff in film school. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people and expand your network. Joaquin is a great teacher and provides personal support along the way. I absolutely recommend joining this class if you want to further your career in post-production!”

Juliet Janklow

Feature Film Assistant Editor

“Joaquin and our HEM class have been instrumental in helping me build the confidence to truly go for and land scripted assistant editing work – making once far-fetched professional pipe dreams reality in a few short months. The community Joaquin has cultivated is also an immensely valuable resource in and of itself, filled with a bunch of extremely supportive, positive, and talented people. It’s all been a real blessing.”

Will Truesdell

Feature Film Assistant Editor

“I can’t recommend the BREAK INTO SCRIPTED enough. Joaquin’s advice has been vital for me to decide to step down to Assistant Editor and land my first gig on a scripted TV show. Even though I was miles away in the U.K. I enjoyed every minute of it. It shows that you’ll be able to extract value from this course even though you might not live in LA.”

Janka Troeber

Scripted TV Assistant Editor