Ep. 31 – Mastering Your Craft and the Editing of TOP GUN: MAVERICK with Eddie Hamilton, ACE

June 7, 2022

Eddie Hamilton, ACE became interested in filmmaking at age 8 and started working in post-production at age 17. He is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, and talented editors working in Hollywood today and joins me on this episode to talk about his experience cutting Top Gun: Maverick.

After 23 years in the industry, Eddie has cut over 20 feature films including the next chapters of the Mission Impossible movies series, Kingsman: The Secret ServiceX-Men:  First Class, and Kick Ass.

Eddie takes us into the cutting room of Top Gun: Maverick and share his process for editing the thrilling flying sequences, how he collaborated with Tom Cruise, details about the intricate sound mix done for the film, how he balanced humor, drama, and action in the edit, and why it was the most challenging project he has ever worked on.

We also discuss his journey to cutting some of the biggest Hollywood feature films, the struggles and sacrifices of being a top film editor, his riskiest career move, what he looks for when hiring assistant editors, how it’s not necessary to assist before becoming an editor, the importance of having defined goals, and much more!

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