Ep. 25 – The Editing of NARCOS: MEXICO with Hugo Diaz and Chris Cavanagh

November 22, 2021

Episode 25 of the Hollywood Editing Mentor podcast is a replay of a live webinar and Q&A about The Editing of Narcos: Mexico with Hugo Diaz and Chris Cavanagh that was recorded live on November 12, 2021.

This episode has been edited for clarity. If you’d like to see the entire presentation, including the sample clips from season 3 of Narcos: Mexico that Hugo and Chris dissect, check out the video version of this episode on the Hollywood Editing Mentor YouTube Channel.

  • How Hugo and Chris landed the gig on Narcos: Mexico
  • Breaking into scripted television editorial in Hollywood
  • Getting editing opportunities as an assistant
  • The importance of being ready for and taking advantage of big opportunities
  • How Hugo got the chance to edit the main title of Narcos: Mexico (season 1) as an assistant
  • Showing your editing work to producers as an assistant
  • How to build relationships with producers
  • The importance of communicating your goals to producers and other members of your editorial team
  • Transitioning from unscripted to scripted television editorial
  • Making a career transition when you have a family
  • Being a non-Spanish speaker and working on Narcos: Mexico
  • Dissecting specific scenes from season 3 of Narcos: Mexico 
  • Shooting and editing season 3 of Narcos: Mexico during the pandemic
  • Working with a new character in the show, Victor Tapia
  • The historical accuracy of Narcos: Mexico 
  • Living in Tijuana, Mexico in the ‘90s
  • Advice for breaking in to scripted television editorial and getting promoted up to editor
  • Insight into the career of a scripted television editor
  • Communicating with your editor as an assistant

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