Ep 03 – The Importance of Shifting Our Mindset and Keeping Our Ego In Check

August 3, 2020

In this episode I talk with with editor/assistant editor Agustin “Auggie” Rexach about the importance of keeping our ego in check and shifting our mindset as we are looking for new job opportunities or in our current post production career. By understanding that as editors and assistants we are servicing someone else’s vision or helping to deliver a product, we will more likely be presented with opportunities to advance in our careers. Agustin also shares how he was able to transition to a career in Hollywood scripted TV after having worked as an editor in commercials and music videos for 17 years.

Agustin most recently co-edited an episode of THE GOOD LORD BIRD (Showtime) and THE PURGE (USA). He was also an assistant editor on GENIUS (NatGeo), the remake of ROOTS, HAWAII 5-0, and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. Prior to working in Hollywood, Agustin worked at top post production houses in his home country of Puerto Rico, as well as Miami and San Antonio.

As someone who is also devoted to mentoring and helping people, Agustin also contributes advice articles and software tutorials to the Hollywood Editing Mentor program.

Read Agustin’s article: “The Service-Centric Mindset”

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