Ep. 57 – Navigating the Film Industry and Creating Engaging Short-Form Content

May 8, 2024

Join us in this episode as we explore Bella Roberts’ journey as an editor and content creator, where she shares her experiences navigating the film industry and crafting engaging short-form video content for her immensely popular TikTok channel. Bella openly discusses the challenges of breaking into the industry, underscores the importance of networking, and emphasizes the value of maintaining a positive mindset in the face of adversity.

We also dive into the intricacies of the post-production industry, highlighting the essential role of hard work, self-promotion, and networking in achieving success. Bella offers insights into her process of creating short-form video content, stressing the significance of finding a niche, studying successful videos, and staying true to oneself. The conversation wraps up with an important reminder to focus on personal growth rather than external opinions.

Don’t miss out on this episode filled with valuable insights, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on navigating the world of editing and content creation.

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