Ep. 54 – The World of Music Supervision

February 22, 2024

In this episode, we dive into the captivating world of music supervision with the extraordinary Liza Richardson (Griselda, Barry, Reacher, Watchmen). Renowned for her unparalleled ability to secure the seemingly unattainable, Liza takes us behind the scenes of her illustrious career, sharing insights into her role as a music supervisor that goes beyond crafting playlists.

We explore the intricacies of Liza’s role, dispelling misconceptions about music supervision. Far more than a mere playlist creator, Liza discusses her approach to curating music that serves the essence of each project. Our conversation explores her ability to secure challenging song licenses and provide alternative options for films and scripted television projects.

Discover the behind-the-scenes magic as Liza shares anecdotes from her illustrious career, showcasing her talent for finding the perfect musical piece that enhances the overall storytelling experience. Unveiling her role as a musical librarian, Liza guides us through her process of intuitively understanding the needs of a project, even when creators might not be certain themselves.

From being the first DJ to play at the Academy Awards to receiving a Grammy nomination, Liza’s journey is as diverse as her musical selections. We also touch upon her role as a radio show host on KCRW, where her eclectic taste has captured the attention of industry producers.

Join us for an enriching conversation as we explore the artistry of Liza Richardson’s music curation and gain insights into the harmonies she brings to the projects she touches.

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