Ep. 17 – Becoming an Assistant Editor, Getting Promoted to Editor, and Landing the Second Editing Gig in Scripted TV with editor Garret Donnelly

March 15, 2021

Garret Donnelly is one of those editors that everyone wants to collaborate with not only because of his editing skills, but also because he’s a pleasure to be around. He’s always made it a point to do the best work possible while maintaining a positive attitude. It’s safe to say that taking this approach has allowed him to move up the editing ranks quickly and work on such hit shows as Narcos: Mexico, NOS4A2, Knightfall, 24: Legacy, and Homeland.

I was fortunate to be Garret’s assistant editor on two shows and was able to co-edit an episode with him. He was also very instrumental in me being promoted to full-time editor and also getting my second editing credit. We became good friends and I consider him one of my mentors. I’ve learned a lot from him, everything from how to be a better storyteller to navigating office politics. 

In episode 17 of the Hollywood Editing Mentor podcast, Garret and I talk about the three early stages of an editorial career in scripted television – becoming an assistant editor, getting promoted to editor, and landing the second editing gig. Being that he guided me through this process, Garret and I share practical advice through real life experiences that we’ve lived through either by ourselves or while working together. It’s this type of information that you won’t find anywhere else and that schools certainly don’t teach. 

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