Ep 01 – Navigating an Emmy-Winning Career and A Deeper Look at the Editing of “Insecure”

August 3, 2020

The Hollywood Editing Mentor podcast is here!

In the first episode, I have a conversation with editor Nena Erb, ACE about her Emmy-winning career in unscripted television and how she was able to transition to scripted shows and continue receiving accolades for her work. We also dive into the editing process of the episode she cut with her assistant editor, Lynarion Hubbard, on season 4 of HBO’s Insecure, which recently landed them a shared nomination for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series at this years Emmys. Nena also shares how she is an advocate for mentoring and how she’s actively promoting more diversity in the workplace. 

Raised in an Asian immigrant family, Nena Erb’s father wanted her to be a doctor and her mother wanted her to be a pianist with the LA Philharmonic. Nena wanted to be Andy Warhol. 

Armed with an art degree, a friend brought her into the industry and she started working in various capacities in production. It was her stint as an associate producer that opened her eyes to the impact of editing. It combined her love of photography and storytelling into one and she was hooked. 

Since then, Nena has been the editor on productions for HBO, Universal, ABC, CBS, Apple, and others. In 2016, she received an Emmy® award for her work on HBO’s documentary series Project Greenlight. In addition, she has received two ACE Eddie nominations for her work, one for HBO’s Peabody award-winning series Insecure and the other for CW’s acclaimed series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Her parents no longer ask her if she’d reconsider medical school. 

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