Ep. 14 – The Inner Workings of the Sound Department with supervising sound editor Danny Pagan

January 25, 2021

We’re talking all things sound today with supervisor sound editor, Danny Pagan, who has worked with Ron Howard for 25 years starting with Apollo 13.  He explains to us how the sound department of a feature film works, what it consists of, and how it communicates with picture editorial. Danny also shares tips on how to create better sound design and gives advice on how to break into feature film sound. Being that he’s worked with Ron Howard for many years, Danny tells us about his experience working with the famed director.

Danny and I also discuss the following in episode 14:

  • How Danny started his career as a picture editor in New York City
  • How he got the opportunity to work in the sound department on Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 
  • Most memorable moment working on a Ron Howard film
  • Creating the sound for the rocket launch in Apollo 13
  • Not thinking literally when creating sound effects
  • Communicating across the sound department to ensure the director’s ideas are being executed
  • The importance of not being afraid to ask questions
  • The difference between sound editing and mixing
  • Making adjustments and choices 
  • The importance of sound in film
  • Fixing things with sound
  • Collaborating with picture editors
  • Advice for picture editors on how to communicate with the sound department
  • Working with ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)
  • Collaborating with Hans Zimmer
  • Networking tips for breaking into feature film sound

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