Ep. 10 – Building Relationships and Transitioning to Scripted Television with assistant editor Carlos Viramontes

November 9, 2020

Carlos “Charlie” Viramontes and I met over two years ago through a mutual connection. He was living in San Diego and I was in LA. He was working at a local TV station editing sports promos and wanted to transition to scripted television, but had no idea how to do it. We stayed in touch and developed a friendship over time, until eventually I was able to put him up for an assistant editor position on a scripted television show. He got the job and is now doing what he always dreamed of. 

I feel Charlie is not only a good example of how to network, but also how to build relationships, which are very important in this industry. And it also shows that one doesn’t need to be in LA to work in scripted television in Hollywood. 

In episode 10, Charlie and I discuss the following topics:

  • How Charlie and I met over two years ago while we were living in different cities
  • Charlie’s origin story, how he got a political science degree and got a job as an editor in sports marketing in San Diego
  • Being ready to jump on opportunities
  • The way Charlie and I got connected through his college professor
  • Asking to meet with post production professionals by sending cold emails
  • How offering to buy someone’s coffee can set the tone for that first meeting
  • The importance of following up after having an initial meeting
  • Asking for help and feedback instead of asking for a job
  • Why it’s important to edit side projects
  • Ways to connect with people
  • Being open to having your work critiqued and not takes things personally
  • Staying in touch with people
  • Taking the initiative and being proactive to become a better editor
  • Leaving your hometown to pursue a career in a different city
  • Getting a job lead by developing a relationship and trust
  • How your job in a different city could qualify you to join the Union in Hollywood
  • Transitioning from marketing to scripted television
  • Taking risks and not living with regrets
  • Eliminating fear and learning from our mistakes
  • Writing the proper resume to sell yourself for a job you haven’t done before
  • Finding a way to shadow an assistant editor or editor
  • Interviewing for a job you don’t have the experience for
  • Finding the job that truly makes you happy
  • Getting a last minute job offer in a different city and having to pack up and leave your home
  • Communicating your goals to your employer 
  • Keeping healthy relationships with co-workers and not burning bridges
  • Dealing with inconveniences by changing your mindset

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