Ep. 06 – Dealing With a Demanding Job, Being a Woman in Post, and Amazon’s “The Boys” with editor Nona Khodai

September 14, 2020

Nona Khodai is a Southern California native Picture Editor.  She is a graduate of the USC Cinema School and has worked on such series as The Strain, Colony, Revolution, Amazing Stories, and most recently the first and second season of Amazon’s The Boys.  

In episode 6, Nona and I discuss the following:

  • How Nona got her start in the sound department and then transitioned to editorial
  • The importance of being nice and how it can help you progress in your career
  • Finding balance between being nice and being assertive
  • The difficulties of the job and how to handle them
  • Creating habits that can help us thrive in the post production industry and avoid burnout
  • Getting judged as a woman of color
  • Working harder as a female editor
  • Having a diverse editorial team makes it better for everyone
  • Strategies that helped Nona get promoted to picture editor
  • Reasons why people don’t get bumped up from assistant to editor – behavior and personality
  • Being proactive and anticipating things as an assistant editor
  • Nona’s experience in the sound department has made her more critical of her assistant’s sound work
  • How Nona got the gig on Amazon’s The Boys
  • Why The Boys was a difficult show
  • How Nona handled the challenges of working on The Boys
  • Working on a VFX-heavy show
  • The use of music on The Boys
  • Cutting Anthony Starr’s performance as “Homelander”
  • Preview of season 2 of The Boys
  • The funnest part of working on The Boys
  • Her process of watching dailies and being able to pick up on special moments in the footage
  • Nona first job as a sound editor on the feature film, Grandma’s Boy, while a student at USC
  • The items Nona takes to every show
  • Trusting your gut to guide you in the right direction

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