Ep. 52 – Crafting NYAD and the Process of Being a Go-To Editor

December 18, 2023

In episode 52, I chat with Academy Award-nominated editor Christopher Tellefsen, ACE (Moneyball, A Quiet Place, The Menu). We talk about how Christopher edited the movie Nyad and the process to becoming a highly sought-after editor.

We unravel the intricate process behind editing the compelling film Nyad. Christopher graciously shares insights into the behind-the-scenes work that brought Diana Nyad’s inspiring story to life on screen. This captivating tale showcases her remarkable 110-mile open ocean swim from Cuba to Florida, beautifully portrayed by Annette Bening and supported by Jodie Foster. We dive into the artistry involved in shaping this narrative through the editing process.

Nyad official trailer

Christopher also shares his journey to becoming a highly sought-after film editor. His invaluable experiences and advice provide a glimpse into the demanding yet rewarding world of editing for movies. His wisdom and anecdotes serve as a guiding light for aspiring editors navigating the industry.

This episode offers both a backstage pass into the Nyad editing process and essential insights for those aiming to excel in the captivating realm of cinematic storytelling through editing. Whether you love stories about creating movies or dream of becoming an editor, this conversation offers valuable insights that can inspire and guide you in your journey.

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