Ep. 12 – Finding Your True Passion and The Value of Creativity with house music producer & DJ Jesusdapnk

December 7, 2020

House music producer & DJ, Jesusdapnk, is responsible for creating and providing the original song for the Hollywood Editing Mentor podcast, ‘Apollo’s Haze.’ In episode 12, he shares how he began his career in house music and his process behind creating his tracks. We also talk about the importance of loving what we do as creatives, why it’s good to encounter challenges, not being afraid to commit mistakes, and being open to criticism.

Jesusdapnk (whose real name is Jesus Diaz) has made a name for himself in his hometown of San Diego and beyond, having started producing since 2006 and DJing since 2008. His productions have been featured at the top of the charts. Reviving a rare fusion vintage techno/house sound globally, his work has a sound consisting of groovy baselines, analog synths/drums and funky vocals. He has shared the stage with many artists and has played at multiple venues, from nightclubs to festivals and raves. He currently has multiple releases signed onto various labels. Jesusdapnk has also created his Deep House record label Good Luck Penny, established in 2018.

Here are some of the things Jesusdapnk and I discuss in episode 12 of the Hollywood Editing Mentor podcast:

  • Jesus’ early musical influences while growing up in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Learning to play the drums at age 8
  • Starting out making music on his mom’s computer at age 15
  • Committing the time to get better at making music and evolving his sound
  • Getting record deals as a teenager and making contacts with other house music DJs and producers around the world
  • Creating music as a form of therapy
  • Advances in technology has made it easier and faster to create music
  • How Jesus got interested in house music
  • Growing up along the San Diego/Tijuana border and being exposed to house music in the region
  • Going to Tijuana to play live shows as a teenager
  • Getting live gigs in San Diego
  • Insight into Jesus’ process of creating music and how he finds inspiration
  • Improvising music based on emotion
  • Jesus’ goal with his music has evolved over time
  • Expecting too much can lead to disappointment
  • Letting things happen organically
  • Jesus’ drive is his love of music
  • The beauty of doing what you love
  • Jesus’ experimentation with film scoring and being inspired by video games
  • The importance of challenging yourself creatively
  • Finding other opportunities to utilize your creative skillset
  • Incorporating some form of creativity into our lives for better mental health
  • Artistry in mainstream and social media
  • Ways the public can promote artists that are not being noticed or recognized
  • Technology helps and ruins art
  • Not stressing too much about the things we can’t control
  • The state of house music and where the industry is heading
  • Reconnecting with other creative endeavors during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Jesus’ recommendation to anyone wanting to create music

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Original Music: “Apollo’s Haze” by Jesusdapnk
Facebook: www.fb.com/jesusdapnk
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jesusdapnk
Instagram: @jesusdapnk