Ep. 08 – Improving Our Health and Fitness to Achieve Success with fitness trainer Yuichi Ohi

October 12, 2020

Fitness trainer and co-owner of LAKO Boxing Gym, Yuichi Ohi, has been training in the greater Los Angeles area since 2000. He has an extensive background and training in boxing, jui jitsu, grappling, and judo. He is renowned for his work with all fitness levels of clientele and his approach in training is an organic and holistic style. Yuichi’s motto is…”What matters most is that my clients are happy and healthy.”

I met Yuichi about 3 years ago when he took me on as a client. I told him my goals, which were to lose weight and develop more muscle. He introduced me to intense strength and conditioning routines and helped me change my eating habits. Within the first year I lost close to 20lbs, dropped my body fat to 15%, changed my body composition, and improved my marathon time by over 30 minutes! I had struggled with weight issues all my life and this was the first time I had ever been able to accomplish these goals.

As time went by I felt more energy, had more mental clarity, I was more creative and productive at work, I became more disciplined, and I realized how far I could push myself…both at the gym and the office. It was that moment that I realized that health & fitness went beyond just trying to look good…I just felt better overall, I was happier, I did more…and I was hooked.

It’s safe to say that Yuichi changed my life. 

In episode 8 of the Hollywood Editing Mentor podcast, Yuichi and I talk about the importance of developing healthy habits and improving our fitness, and how this is connected with achieving success in our lives. And with a lot of us working from home right now, Yuichi will also give us examples of simple workout routines specifically designed for editors that we can do in our living room or backyard.

Yuichi has provided a special bonus for the listeners of this podcast. Head over to hollywoodeditingmentor.com/workouts and sign up to receive four videos featuring fitness routines designed by Yuichi for the Hollywood Editing Mentor community. 

Follow Yuichi: @ohi.fitness

In episode 8 of the Hollywood Editing Mentor podcast, Yuichi and I discuss the following topics:

  • Yuichi’s view on fitness and why he thinks it’s important
  • Investing in your health for longevity
  • The process to improve our health and fitness can take time
  • Building muscle at a young age is important for human development
  • Strength training plays a big role in keeping your body stable and burning more calories
  • How Yuichi changed my eating habits
  • Losing weight is 80% nutrition, 20% fitness
  • Yuichi’s thoughts about personal trainers giving you nutritional advice
  • Other factors that might prevent us from losing weight: stress, depression, addiction issues
  • The obesity problem in our society
  • Measuring our body fat vs weight
  • Growing up in Sao Miguel island in the Azores
  • What Yuichi learned from his father, a six degree black belt in judo, about health and fitness 
  • How society is less active today
  • Connecting health and fitness with success in our lives
  • Avoiding burnout by eating better and working out
  • How to develop healthier eating habits
  • Why diets don’t work
  • How stress, bad nutrition, and sitting down all day is killing us
  • Food is an important factor of cardiovascular health
  • The negative effects of excessive sodium consumption
  • Yuichi’s advice on how we can get started with a fitness routine
  • The value of hiring a personal trainer
  • What to look for when choosing a personal trainer
  • Investing in your health for the future
  • Research shows that people who are healthy and in-shape make more money
  • How working with Yuichi helped me get promoted to full-time editor
  • High-level professional people get up early in the morning and workout consistently
  • Looking within ourselves to find motivation to achieve our goals
  • Yuichi’s recommendation to transform our mindset and start being active
  • Starting with small goals to achieve bigger ones
  • Tips for editors to stay active and improve their health
  • The importance of stretching, releasing tension, and improving mobility

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