Build A Better RelationShip With Your Editor & How To Approach A Co-Edit

Written by Joaquin Elizondo

June 16, 2020

Editor Garret Donnelly (Narcos: Mexico, NOS4A2, Knightfall, 24: Legacy, Homeland) joined me on my first-ever Live Stream Q&A to talk about how assistants can build a better working relationship with their editor. We also discussed how assistant editors can pitch themselves to co-edit an episode of scripted TV.

I was Garret’s assistant for some time and we developed a way of working that was fun and productive. Aside from learning a lot from him, he als gave me a chance to co-edit an episode of Narcos: Mexico with him and was very supportive of me getting bumped up to editor.

Check out the video on YouTube to access chapter markers of the different topics we discussed. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Hollywood Editing Mentor channel once you are there!

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