5 Key Concepts to Start a Film & Scripted TV Career

The roadmap to successfully navigate the path to your dream job in post-production!

Film & Scripted TV Editor Joaquin Elizondo

In this comprehensive Masterclass,

you’ll uncover:

Why it’s important to set goals for yourself and what the road to working in film & scripted TV looks like.

How to craft compelling cold outreach messages to initiate connections with industry professionals effectively.

Ways in which you can sell your personality and skills through your resume for film & scripted TV jobs even if you don’t have any narrative experience.

Strategies and techniques to build a robust professional network within the film & scripted TV industry.

The core skills necessary to excel in the role of an assistant editor on films & scripted TV shows.

The steps I took to break in to the film & scripted TV industry when I didn’t have right work experience.

Meet Joaquin

Hey, I’m Joaquin Elizondo – a film & scripted TV editor and creator of the Hollywood Editing Mentor program and podcast.

I’m here to help you uncover the mysteries and overcome the struggles of working in post-production. Wether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro, my program strives to eliminate the frustration from navigating this career and industry.

After editing a wide-range of projects that left me creatively unfulfilled for years, I finally made my way to working my dream job of cutting films and scripted television shows in Hollywood. My recent editing credits include Griselda, Dark Winds, Narcos: Mexico, and The Hot Zone: Anthrax.

But to get here wasn’t easy. I made tons of mistakes, faced a lot rejection, and doubted myself. I know what it feels like to be out there feeling lost, wasting time scouring the internet for information.

I created this free Masterclass to help you avoid making mistakes, get practical information, and reach your goal of working in film & scripted TV faster.

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Film & Scripted TV Editor Joaquin Elizondo